“Ahsoka” Answers Those Marrok Theories


The fourth episode of “Star Wars: Ahsoka” has gone to air and in doing so it solutions the query that has been plaguing social media for weeks now – who’s Marrok?


The brand new episode is basically a cliffhanger – closing out plot components dangling over the primary 4 episodes while our heroes appear to be of their darkest place to date, with larger questions left hanging over Ahsoka, Sabine, Thrawn… and one other Jedi.

There had been numerous close to ‘Rey’s actual mother and father’-level hypothesis that the masked pink lightsaber-wielding Inquisitor Marrok character could be key to the story, seems not a lot as following a battle with Ahsoka he’s sliced by means of the center and crumbles into inexperienced smoke that dissipates with a scream.

Thus all of the theories involving Starkiller, Ezra Bridger and extra have come to an finish and none of them actually turned out to be true, however that’s to not say it answered the whole lot – in truth it might have raised extra questions than the rest.

What it does appear to recommend is that this supporting henchman was simply that, and certain no-one of any significance within the franchise’s lore. That’s to not say there received’t be some additional info relating to him, and extra particularly how he got here to be.

No he wasn’t auditioning to be the Smoke Monster in a “Misplaced” revival, quite the most probably concept now ties to the Morgan Elsbeth character who’s a Nightsister – one of many Power-wielding Witches of Dathomir.

Beforehand it has been seen within the animated sequence lore that these imbued with Nightsister magic, together with Darth Maul’s brother Savage Opress, let off inexperienced smoke after they die and reverted again to their unique type. The Nightsisters have been additionally able to some degree of necromancy and so Marrok may’ve been a resurrected fellow Nightsister.

Disappointment relating to tonight’s reveal could also be tempered by anticipation for subsequent week’s episode as each Anakin Skywalker and Grand Admiral Thrawn seem like they’ll come into play, while the World between Worlds got here to the live-action type of the franchise and will characteristic closely within the subsequent episode.

The fourth episode of “Ahsoka” is on-line on Disney+ proper now.