Disney’s Hercules Musical Review

As with all Disney motion pictures which have made the leap from the display screen to the stage, the story of “Hercules” is a bit completely different than the supply materials. A couple of characters, like Herc’s greatest pal/trustworthy winged steed Pegasus and his adoptive father Amphitryon, have been omitted. Phil remains to be a coach of heroes, however he is not a satyr. And Hera’s involvement has been elevated from a grieving mom and background character to smart and regal queen, standing proper alongside her husband Zeus as they provide steerage to their demigod son when he visits their temple.

However the greatest change within the plot comes from the addition of latest themes corresponding to civil engagement and the worth of failure. And whereas they’re worthy of exploration and definitely have a spot on this story, the execution is not carried out in the absolute best approach. As an alternative, the climax of the second act is muddled with confusion that would have been averted if one small element carried over from Disney’s unique retelling of this legendary fantasy.

This may occasionally technically be a spoiler, nevertheless it’s largely for the 1997 characteristic slightly than the brand new musical: When Hercules and Hades make a deal to avoid wasting Meg, it ought to solely be legitimate if Meg is unhurt. Within the film, when Meg sacrifices herself, that makes the settlement null and void, then Hercules is ready to save the day. These occasions play out a bit in a different way within the stage model in a approach that does not make sense. Whereas it is nice to see the residents of Thebes rally behind Hercules on stage and provide their help in his time of want, this scene might have benefitted from some readability that might have made the second extra logical and fewer Hallmark card tacky.