Review: Saw X

Noticed X – 54%

Reviewer Flickchart rating: 2,443 / 5,258

I used to be late to the Jigsaw universe, watching Noticed (2004) only a couple years in the past and catching up with the opposite 8 movies this summer time in preparation for the tenth entry. Kevin Greutert is again within the director chair, which is becoming, as his earlier works have been the final instances the movies actually revolved round Tobin Bell as serial killer John Kramer. 

Noticed X is a prequel of kinds, with the whole movie occurring previous to the occasions of Noticed III (2006). We choose up with the sickly Kramer present process exams and receiving the information that his most cancers is terminal. Having solely months to dwell, Jigsaw desperately seeks a possible treatment. In maybe probably the most troublesome to imagine scene in Noticed franchise historical past, we see John Kramer attending a most cancers help group. One of many members tells Kramer of a miracle drug and surgical procedure therapy obtainable from a maverick Scandinavian physician. So the world’s most elaborate assassin is off to Mexico to take part within the experimental process. 

In fact, because the trailer advised us all, Kramer is scammed, and along with his protégé Amanda Younger (Shawnee Smith) he plots a devious sport of revenge towards the perpetrators. Noticed X does dare to vary the franchise system, shifting away from its visible fashion and plot patterns. The tenth entry is the primary within the franchise to desert any crime movie/police procedural portion. Greutert additionally chooses extra pure lighting for many scenes as a substitute of the darkish grey and sickly inexperienced prevalent by way of many of the collection. 

The movie focuses much less on the video games than any movie within the collection aside from Chris Rock’s Spiral (2021). The screenplay doesn’t essentially name for that sort of heavy lifting, because it locations the viewer in a peculiar moral scenario of probably cheering for the monstrous serial assassin. Nonetheless, it does ship squirmy, hard-to-watch, much more difficult-to-listen-to scenes of gore. The absurdity of the violence introduced this viewers member to laughter, which I noticed as a win. Jigsaw does really feel extra weak all through Noticed X, particularly in Tobin Bell’s efficiency and lack of management of his atmosphere. This variation creates a pressure usually missing in Noticed sequels, however it makes it laborious to see the way it matches in with earlier portrayals. Noticed X is entertaining, maybe extra human than, and definitely a welcome replace for the 20-year-old franchise. 

What does your Noticed chart appear like? 

  • Noticed (2004) – 56%
  • Noticed X (2023) – 54%
  • Noticed VI (2009) – 52%
  • Noticed II (2005) – 44%
  • Spiral: From the Guide of Noticed (2021) – 33%
  • Noticed IV (2007) – 32%
  • Noticed III (2006) – 32%
  • Jigsaw (2017) – 21%
  • Noticed (2003) – 8%
  • Noticed V (2008) – 6%
  • Noticed 3D: The Remaining Chapter (2010) – 3%