The Smuggest Scene in the ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Trilogy Still Has Fans Pitying an Iconic Villain

There aren’t many fandoms on the market that possess as stone-cold a entrance as that of Star Wars. Certainly, coming to an settlement on something encompassing George Lucas’ premier area opera looks like treason of the best order at occasions, and anybody who’s touched the web has most likely seen simply how ruthless a few of these debates can get.

And few punches get pulled for the prequel trilogy particularly, typically being credited because the period that killed the franchise whereas someway receiving a good shake of affection on the similar time.

However there’s one a part of the prequel trilogy that appears to have sculpted a comfortable spot within the hearts of all opinions, and that half is Rely Dooku, particularly the moments main as much as his demise, which have been suffering from vocal reminders of Palpatine’s heinous betrayal. It was shocking to see this a lot sympathy for an intergalactic terrorist, however r/StarWars has produced far stranger.

His demise in Revenge of the Sith by the hands of Anakin was brutal by itself, however one person identified that the movie’s novelization compounds Dooku’s remaining moments to an entire new tier of bemoaning.

It might have been apparent that Christopher Lee was to thank for this second, however one other responder reminded us simply how a lot of a hand he had in making it occur.

Though, maybe Dooku loses a little bit of sympathy for being shocked at a Sith Lord indulging in treachery.

Certainly, the prequel trilogy boasts one of the crucial devastating kills within the canon, much more so contemplating the trail that Anakin would go on to take over the course of his life. Maybe that’s the true tragedy of the entire thing, however you continue to can’t assist however really feel for the person who was on the receiving finish of it.